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Frostchem Global FZE.

works with Imports and Exports, Refilling and Repacking of Refrigerant Gases, Industrial chemicals and solvents to meet our customer demand. While considering 24 years of immense experience within the industry, We offer our valued customers high-quality products and services. FCG is situated in Ajman Free Zone Authority to cater to local and export customers.

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To inspire and implement the best possible solutions to the environmental crisis. Enhance the quality of life for our internal and external customers and society.


To be the leading refrigerant solution provider in MENA Region by 2025. 



FCG believes in empowerment. We entrust new responsibility and authority to our people to proceed in a more responsible approach with accountability to achieve our mission and vision.


Our Services:

  • Cylinder By Back For Specific Brands Only
  • Cylinder Recovery Equipment For Rental
  • Imports And Exports Services
  • Refilling Refrigerant Gases
  • Refrigerant Recovery From System
  • Refrigerant Analysis Services
  • Rental Services For Recovery Cylinders And Ton Tanks
  • Rental Services For Refrigerant Cylinders and Ton Tanks

Product Range

  • MDI
  • TDI
  • Polyols
  • Pre Polymers
  • Solvents & Chemicals
  • Refrigerant Gases
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Food Industry Chemicals
  • HVAC Equipments
  • HVAC Accessories

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The Excellent Quality and satisfied clientele that FBI (Frostberg International USA) enjoys is a result of our strong focus on our imperative business areas of Environmental, Health and Safety management. These areas form a core function in FBI USA’s product development and research.

In this regard, FBI USA works hard to ensure compliance with an ISO of 9001:2008, Environmental Standard ISO of 14001:2004 and Health and Safety OHSAS of 18001:2007 international standards. These efforts initiate from FBI USA’s mission to ensure responsible business practices, developing products and services to satisfy the needs of the society, considering Profits to be a fallout.

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